water colour comics

It’s been a while! I’ve been pretty busy with various jobs (that I’ll post up here at some point). But in the mean time, have some excerpts from some of the backgrounds I’m painting for a personal comic project. All the settings are meant to have a nostalgic feel, they are mainly inspired (and drawn from) places I have been to before.


I’ve been pretty busy recently, so haven’t had time to update my dog parade, but I’ve still been drawing them!

First off, a Gordon Setter…


Next, a favorite breed of mine, because I own four of them! The English Springer Spaniel. Not nearly as bouncy as people say they are, but always very cheerful (and bouncy when they get into the fields!)


And last of all, for the third week of February, the Harrier, a dog breed I’ve never heard of until I came to draw it!


While I’m here, I’ll share some other animal themed comic and illustration work I’ve been doing 😀




Some brush pen/digital experiments,


…and a new web comic I’m working on that will be aimed more at all ages then my other comics!

The dog parade’s coming together!!

dog4dalmationA Dalmatian this week, I love how long their legs are!

And hey, check out January’s dogs in a final parade picture (You can click to see the big version)- I’ll be sure to keep the image growing bigger and bigger throughout the year! I thought it would be fun to make them all size proportionate too, there are so many varying shapes and sizes within dog breeds!


New Year, new blog content!

I’m gonna do my best to update more often, I’m sure many artists all over the place are trying to keep the same resolution haha.

For starters, much like my weekly animal project started last year, this year I’m going to make a dog parade, updated every week with a new dog! Let’s start with…


A Bassett Hound! 🙂